Exhibition Information

The Story of Admiral Yi sunshin

01 Recommended Admission Course
map of chungmugong
02 Overview of Exhibition
  • The Life of Yi Sunshin

    This space details Yi Sunshin’s life and the meaning of the title “Admiral.” Here, you can study Admiral Yi Sun-shin’s chief legacy, War Diary, and a military service exam scroll.

  • Korea’s Ships

    The main battleship of the Joseon, Panokseon (panel covered ship), and Geobukseon (the turtle ship), the world’s best attack ship of its day. Also featured are the battleships of three countries (Joseon, Japan and Ming) are introduced. Here, you can also ride and row a turtle ship, as well as fires its weapons.

  • A Seven Year History of Naval Warfare

    This space introduces the background to the outbreak of the Japanese Invasion and the changes to the Three Kingdoms following itsconclusion. Featured here is a three-sided composite display of Admiral Yi Sunshin’s naval battles and the tactics he employed.

  • 난중일기를 통해 본, 인간 이순신

    A space that focuses on the human side of Yi Sunshin, as chronicled in the War Diary.Offers a search function for original information in the War Diary

  • Yi Sunshin’s Leadership

    This space displays the models of the weapons and artifacts that were used in the naval battles of the time and details foreign opinion about Yi Sunshin.

  • Video Theater

    It is a place where you can appreciate 3D images and get a lively experience of war.